Publiservic Canary, S.L.U., have been 11 years working, in Tenerife,
the sector of the graphical arts and the publicity, from year 1997 also
in the sector of the creation of pages Web., is one of the first place of general information
on the province of Tenerife, directed to canaries and visitors in general.
This project has been financed on the part of Publiservic Canarias,
S.L.U. from its creation, without no type of governmental subvention.
Our work is marked by the persistence to promote Tenerife and to
present its resources, as well as the beauty of its territory, with unique
landscapes in the planet, does not let visit our photographic gallery.

Now we want to continue the work undertaken in 1997 and for it we
are renewing and extending the site to offer more and better
information in more languages. The personnel who has participated
in the creation of this virtual space hope that it likes its visit to our
page and that has found the information that needs.

Thank you very much by the attention that has rendered to us.


Original Idea
Tomás Martín

Leticia Castro
Tomás Martín

Leticia Castro

Tomás Martín

Design, Edition and Assembly
Leticia Castro

Creation and Production
Offices: Alicante, 18. Valle Colino, 38205 La Laguna.
Telephone: 922 646 824. Fax: 922 648 906.