The Canary islands have been arising for 20 million years of
the marine depths, due to the great volcanic activity of the zone.
The Canary Islands is located near the Tropic of Cancer as opposed
to the coasts of the African continent. Its privileged situation has
caused that during centuries is a key point in the routes of the
intercontinental commerce between Europe, Africa and America.
For that reason during centuries these waters very have been
frequented by pirates.

The Canary Islands are formed by seven greater islands and six
small barren islands than for a short time group in two provinces,
forming part of the Spanish national territory more than 500 years.
All the Canary Islands has a total surface of 7,501 km2 between
which they emphasize seven national parks, at the moment declared
patrimony of the humanity and protected by UNESCO.
Where species are conserved animals and unique vegetables in the
world, emphasizing the National Park of Garajonay in the island of the
Gomera, known also like the jurasic forest, being the oldest forest of
the world and the only forest of the tertiary era that has survived to
the present time.

The subtropical situation and the influence of tradewinds equip to
the Canary Islands with their peculiar good climate, considered by the
turistica industry "the best climate of the world", that along with the
beauty of their landscapes contributes to the Canary Islands their main
source of economic development.